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Meet George and Harry

This is George and Harry – George has been sharing meals with Harry for over 2 years now.

On a Monday lunchtime, George cycles over to Harry and drops off some lunch. They often chat about what George’s kids are up to, and Harry shares stories of his time working on the railway.

George recently told us that when Harry was a train driver, his daily lunch was a cheese sandwich that he turned into a toastie by placing it above the steam engine fire.

So one day, when a little colder, George plans to take Harry a cheese toastie to take him back to those train driving days – sounds delicious!

Volunteering with us can fit around a busy working week like George’s. It’s a flexible opportunity, based on people’s love of food, and its ability to connect those in a community who would otherwise not cross paths.

If you could share an extra portion of your home cooked food with someone living nearby, as and when you can, sign up to volunteer with us today!

Anna Mantell


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