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Developing fantastic new food friendships – Meeting Mac

Vanessa has been a Food Friend volunteer Cook for 9 months. This is her story of her new friendship with her Food Friend, Mac.

“I’m someone who has  always over fed her family, so when I heard about Food Friends, I saw a practical way of helping someone in a way that could easily slot in to every day life.

My background is in disability, so I was keen to support someone who needed extra support, and was introduced to Mac. It turned out to be the perfect pairing. Mac is an ex soldier and partially sighted, so I have to be clear about what he’s having and sometimes where things are located on the plate.

Nothing could have prepared for me for what an uplifting and humbling experience something as simple as taking a meal round to someone can be. Mac is a complete joy and after a quick chat each time, I always leave with a smile on my face, laughing about something he’s said. He couldn’t be more appreciative. I see him a few times a week now, taking round soup, baking and quiches etc. It’s just lovely to find a home for all my cooking.

I’m so grateful to Food Friends, without whom, I would never have had the pleasure of meeting this funny, kind  and wonderful man.”

Anna Mantell