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Meet Joyce, Zara + Leah

Joyce has been part of our Food Friends community since back in 2019. She has 2 fantastic volunteer cooks and has recieved over 200 delicious meals.

Doorstep chats during the lockdowns have flourished into firm friendships – here’s what she told us recently about her food friendship with the wonderful Zara (pictured above) and Leah. “I consider Zara and Leah as my good friends. I look at my calendar and think, ah yes, it’s a Zara or Leah day. They both help me out with things when they pop in to deliver a meal and I know that they’re always there. Just this week it was a sunny day and Zara suggested we took a walk together in the garden. I’m not confident to do this on my own, but with Zara by my side I managed 3 times around!”

If you live in Whitstable, Herne Bay, Faversham or Canterbury and fancy getting involved with our meal sharing initiative get in touch to find out more!

Anna Mantell


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